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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review of Broken by Betsy Reavley. Happy publication day Betsy!

About the book:

Not everyone can be saved…

Annabel, a troubled young woman trying to put her life back together, decides to take a trip to the Suffolk coast to clear her head and get away from her mother. But when she arrives in the little seaside town, she discovers a series of grisly murders have taken place and police are searching for a twisted killer.  

After a fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger, Jude, the course of her life changes and soon she finds peace in a world away from the misery she has known.

But when Jude comes under suspicion from the police, and her idyllic world is threatened, Annabel’s happy existence starts to become a nightmare.

Can Annabel escape her painful past or is her fate sealed? And why is she haunted by horrific visions when she seems on the verge of finding happiness? 

This astonishing novel will take you on a shattering journey through Annabel’s fight for survival and will ask if the greatest threat we pose is to ourselves.

*** This is a revised edition of a book previously published as Beneath The Watery Moon ***

Suitable for over 18’s only. This book contains graphic scenes and of acts of violence which some readers may find disturbing. 

My Review:

This is the story of Annabel and her struggle with mental illness and her fight for survival.

A gripping read that had me hooked right from the first page until the last!

After being released from a psychiatric rehabilitation centre, Annabel decides to get away with a trip to the coast of Suffolk to try and start to put her life back together.

Upon arriving, she discovers that the seaside town is caught up in a nightmare of murders that have taken place and that the killer is still on the loose.

She also meets Jude who she quickly forms a connection with and a happiness within herself that she so desperately craves until Jude comes under suspicion from the police as being involved in the murders.

What seems like a love story soon turns into a horrific nightmare for Annabel and this is where Betsy takes the reader through a rollercoster of emotions and makes the reader question what is real and what is fantasy right till the end.

Do I recommend this book:

Hell yes! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At times this can be quite hard to read due to the graphic descriptions of torture and I admit some tears were shed and sometimes I didn’t want to continue with it but Betsy handles this difficult subject of mental illness respectfully and as weird as it sounds I felt I owed it to Annabel to be with her on her journey until the end of the book. For me that is what makes a book great.

To be completely immersed with a character doesn’t happen very often for me but I could completely relate to the character of Annabel having been close to a person who suffered with mental illness and the struggles they went through. I also found the use of poetry that was used throughout a nice touch.

I did need a few days to process this when I finished it before I could write this review. While the subject matter is emotionally challenging it is beautifully written and cements my view even more what a talented writer Betsy is.

This book will always stay with me and I look forward to more of Betsy’s books in the future. I highly recommend this book.

All opinions are my own and are not biased in anyway.

About the Author:

Author of  The Quiet OnesThe Optician’s WifeCarrionBeneath the Watery Moon and the poetry collection The Worm in the Bottle. Betsy was born in Hammersmith, London. 

As a child she moved around frequently with her family, spending time in London, Provence, Tuscany, Gloucestershire and Cambridgeshire. 

She showed a flair for literature and writing from a young age and had a particular interest in poetry, of which she was a prolific consumer and producer. 

In her early twenties she moved to Oxford, where she would eventually meet her husband. During her time in Oxford her interests turned from poetry to novels and she began to develop her own unique style of psychological thriller.

Betsy says “I believe people are at their most fascinating when they are faced by the dark side of life. This is what I like to write about.”

Betsy Reavley currently lives in London, with her husband, 2 children, dog, cat and chickens.

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  1. Aaah graphic torture… Not for me at the moment but this author is on my wishlist on amaxon

  2. Yeah it is a tough read but it is very well written. Betsy books are great. They are not as graphic as this one.