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Today I am thrilled to be able to share my review of Two Little Girls by Frances Vick.

About the book:

An innocent girl is taken. The family’s lodger confesses. But that’s not the whole story. That’s not even the beginning…

It’s 1985 and the disappearance of ten-year-old Lisa Cook shocks the nation. Her best friend, Kirsty, traumatised and fearful, gives evidence that helps to put the Cook family’s lodger behind bars.

But what if Kirsty made a mistake? 

Now, decades later, Kirsty leaves a life she loves to move back to the hometown she hates – tortured by her memories, she’s determined to finally uncover the truth about what happened to Lisa that day. But someone is waiting for her there, someone close to her family. Someone who is hoping to finish off a job that was started years ago…

My Review:

Two Little Girls is the story of Lisa and Kirsty who are best friends who are completely different from each other. Kirsty is impressionable and looks up to Lisa, where as Lisa tells lies and likes to stretch the truth. Now one of her lies is going to ruin an innocent mans life.

The year is 1985 in the town of Beacon Hill and Lisa is missing! A lie that Lisa told about her mother’s lodger Toqueer (Tokki) which was that they were to be married and move to Tokki’s home in Omar, now has Kirsty convinced by the police that Tokki is involved in Lisa’s disappearance. Tokki who does not have a strong grasp on the English language inadvertently confesses to the crime and is sent to prison.

Now 30 years later Kirsty has made a new life for herself outside of Beacon Hills and is happily married to her husband Lee but she is still haunted by the events of Lisa’s mysterious disappearance and cannot shake off the feeling of unease that the wrong man was sent to prison all of those years ago.

Trying to put the pieces together, Kristy while attending a baby shower for her sister Vic, meets mother and daughter Sylvia and Angela who happen to be psychics. From here, Kristy forms a close relationship with Sylvia who has become like a surrogate mother to her when she moves back to Beacon Hills to help her sister with the baby and together with the help of psychic intervention they try to solve the mystery of Lisa’s disappearance. 

But is Sylvia as trustworthy as she appears to be, and what is the secret that’s Kirsty husband Lee seems to be hiding?

Who can Kirsty trust and is her life now in danger?

Do I recommend this book:

Absolutely! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This started as a slow burn but when it kicked in, it was thrilling! Just when you think you have figured out who the real culprit of the story is, think again!

This is a well crafted psychological thriller to keep you reading well into the night!

Thank-you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Frances Vick for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Two Little Girls in exchange for an honest review.

All opinions are my own and are not biased in anyway.

About the Author:

Source and Credit to Bookouture

The only child of parents who worked at a top security psychiatric hospital, Frances grew up receiving disquieting notes and presents from the patients. Expelled from school, she spent the next few years on the dole, augmenting her income by providing security and crewing for gigs, and being a guinea pig for medical trials. Later jobs included working in a theatre in Manhattan, teaching English in Japanese Junior High Schools, and being a life model in Italy, before coming back to London and working with homeless teenagers and refugees.

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