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A fantastic cover reveal today for A.M. Peacock’s upcoming crime thriller Grave Intent. This is the second instalment in the DCI Jack Lambert series and is published by Bloodhound Books.

Bloodhound Books have yet to advise the release date or pre-order links but have given us a peak of what the book will be about.

About the Book:

Robert Norris. An eighteen-year old petty criminal is brutally tortured and left in a farmer’s field to die.

DCI Jack Lambert, and his team, think they have it all figured out. It’s a robbery gone wrong. Suspicion immediately falls on the man who called it in.

What Jack doesn’t realise is that this is just the beginning.

An escaped prisoner, an attempted hit, and a seemingly unending trail of violence and retribution follows.

As the mystery unfolds, Jack begins to suspect the existence of a secret, but powerful, syndicate operating on the very edges of the North East’s criminal underworld.

With the situation spiralling out of control, Jack finds himself at a crossroads—one which could lead him back into the kind of life he has spent a career running away from.

Time is running out and this case might not only cost Lambert his job, but also his life.

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