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A chilling cover reveal just in for D.E. White’s upcoming psychological thriller The Forgotten Child. The ebook is to be released on the 27th of September published by HQ Digital.

This gives me goosebumps! It’s so eerie. Let’s see what the book is about.

About the Book:

Lights blinded her in an eerie white flash. She yanked the wheel as she felt the impact from the car behind her. There was a sharp pain, and then a bang in front of her, and after that nothing but darkness.

Holly Kendal is trying to put her painful past and broken marriage behind her and focus on her beloved son, Milo. But while driving him home on a dark February night, Holly loses control on the rain-slicked tarmac, and her car spirals off the road.
When Holly regains consciousness, everything is silent and in the dark she can’t see Milo. Desperately, she claws her way out of the car and forces the back door open.
To her relief, Milo is where she left him, injured but breathing – but then she sees something that makes her heart stop.
Milo isn’t the only child in the car. Next to him is another little boy, unharmed but unconscious.
And Holly has absolutely no idea who he is.

Wow sounds great!

The Forgotten Child is available to pre-order now!

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