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An amazing cover reveal just in for Nicola Marsh’s upcoming domestic suspense The Last Wife. This is due to be released on the 11th of October published by Bookouture.

After reading Nicola’s first domestic suspense novel The Scandal, I have waited impatiently for this release. I can’t wait to read this one. Let’s see what Nicola will have in store with us with this book.

About the Book

Trusting his family was her first mistake.

When Ria married Grayson, she worried she would never fit in with the Parkers, her glamorous sisters-in-law or the exclusive picture-perfect Chicago parties her mother-in-law throws. But Grayson said they could create their own family, and when their daughter Shelley was born, Ria finally had the life she had always dreamed of when she was growing up in foster care.

Everything changed when Grayson disappeared.

Until one morning, Grayson leaves the house for work and never comes home. Left to raise Shelley alone, Ria is forced to turn to her husband’s family, to let her mother-in-law into her life, allow her to babysit Shelley, and accept her financial support. She tries to ignore the feeling that her sisters-in-law never thought she was good enough. They say they have no idea what happened to Grayson, and she tries very hard to believe them.

But Ria is about to learn that every Parker wife has secrets.

And protecting her daughter might come at a terrible price…

Sounds so good!

The Last Wife is available to pre-order now

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