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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review of The Verdict by Olivia Isaac-Henry. Happy publication day Olivia.

About the Book

Please raise your right hand.
An affair at work has cost Julia Winter her job and her marriage. There’s no denying she has let her family down.

Please remain standing.
When a body is discovered on the North Downs, it hits local headlines. But for Julia, the news is doubly shocking because the body was buried just opposite the house she lived in over twenty years ago. And it is one of her former housemates.

Please resume your seat.
Up on the stand, Julia’s not the only person to have secrets that are unearthed during the trial. But the evidence against her is overwhelming.

And yet one question remains: is she the murderer, or the victim?

Jurors, you may be excused.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Olivia has created an edge of your seat thriller that grabbed my attention straight away, not just with the blurb but also the striking cover. I do love a great cover and this one ticks all the boxes for me. This is a real page turner so make sure you have nothing else to do, as this book keeps you captivated right from the get go. Tick!

Olivia has created a tale with a thrilling twist that will definitely keep you on your toes. Set over two decades, we are taken back to the 90’s over the course of two years and to the present decade where the story continues over 3 years, which is then wrapped up in the year 2019 for the conclusion. At first I was concerned that this was going to be messy and confusing going back and forth over so many years as it is not in consecutive order, but Olivia did a great job at setting my mind at ease very quickly in how she executes this. It is a risk, but one that works and is very clear and concise. Tick!

There are a few characters in this story, but each one is integral to it and they all play their part well. They are all extremely well written, developed and are very believable. Although I can’t say that I liked them all, I believe that is Olivia’s intention and which she has achieved perfectly. Tick!

The standout character for me was definitely Genevieve. I loved her eccentricity and while this makes her the butt of many jokes from her tenants, she uses it well in masking the pain and grief she feels from losing someone she loves. From the first time I was introduced to her, I instantly thought Norma Desmond (definitely Gloria Swanson’s interpretation) from the movie Sunset Boulevard and this is how she is also described as being like by one of the other characters. Tick!

I really liked Olivia’s writing style and how she was able to keep me enthralled throughout. The story moved at the right pace for me, building up the required tension and suspense along the way till the thrilling outcome. Tick!

If you have taken notice of the word “tick” I have added at the end of each paragraph, you will see that they add up to 5, which is what I have rated this book. It is a really great read and one which I highly recommend.

Olivia is a new author to me and one that I am very glad to have been introduced to via NetGalley. I have now downloaded her debut, Someone You Know which I can’t wait to get stuck into and I look forward to many more books from her in the future.

Thank-you to NetGalley, 0ne More Chapter and Olivia Isaac-Henry for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Verdict which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s get to know Olivia

In addition to writing novels, Olivia Isaac-Henry is a crime drama lover, occasional keyboard player, and backing vocalist in the band The Protaganist.

She grew up in Worcestershire but now lives in London, where she loves the theatres, food markets and festivals.

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