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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review on the blog tour for The Night Caller by J.M Hewitt. This was released on the 15th of August published by Bookouture.

About the Book

Detective Carrie Flynn has spent twenty years searching for her little sister, who was kidnapped and never found. The worst part for Carrie is that she was with Hattie on that hot summer day. Carrie saw her sister’s abductor, but she was just a little girl herself, and remembers nothing. She will never forgive herself for letting Hattie down. 

When the chance came to join the police force, Carrie didn’t hesitate. She would solve missing person cases and fight for justice – no more families stuck in limbo, no more grieving mothers, no more sisters growing up alone… But now a serial killer is stalking Carrie’s hometown of Manchester: late at night, people are going missing down at the canal. Six years, a dozen disappearances.

When another victim is taken, Carrie is sure the family is hiding something and she’s determined to find out the secret behind their silence. Why does the mother not want to answer Carrie’s questions? Who is the mysterious girl next door? Carrie knows that to track down the killer, she must find out everything she possibly can about the innocents they have chosen to hunt. 

Carrie holds on to one fact: last year, standing by the water, she caught a glimpse of the killer, and the distinctive tattoo on his arm. He slipped through her fingers, but she won’t let it happen again. She’ll never stop searching, for the grieving families, for her belief in justice, and her hope that, one day, something she finds will lead her back to her lost little sister. 

Can she finally solve the case that has cast a long shadow over her career and will the demons in her own past help her to catch this deadly killer?

If you love Val McDermid, Robert Dugoni or Angela Marsons you won’t be able to put down this dark and twisty thriller. J.M. Hewitt will keep you guessing until the very last page.

WOW! What a read and a brilliant start to a new series. This is a chilling book which still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. There aren’t too many books that are still ingrained in my memory long after I have finished them, but this one I think it is going to stay with me for a long time to come. It is a story that is thrilling, full of mystery, crime and suspense, as well as shocking revelations. What more could you want!

For six years, a serial killer has been on the loose reigning terror over the city of Manchester, where missing people are turning up dead floating in the canal. Nicknamed “The Pusher”,the killer has a specific type he preys upon and when the latest victim Jordan goes missing, Detective Carrie Flynn has her work cut out for her to try and find out what connects each of the victims if she has any hope in solving the crime.

What is interesting about this story is that the main focus is not on Detective Carrie Flynn as the blurb suggests. She is more a secondary character with her partner Paul, with the story revolving more around the Jordan’s mother Emma and her next door neighbour Jade. J.M. does make reference to this in her letter at the end of the book where she lets the reader know that we will be spending more time with these characters in future books. This in no way changed the story for me and to be completely honest I was so caught up with Emma and Jade that it wasn’t an issue to me.

I really enjoyed all of the characters in this story and believe it or not, I even felt empathy and sympathy for the killer, which I never thought I would ever say in a review! It was something that I did struggle with but it happened! I really like Detective Carrie Flynn and even though she is quite reserved and stand offish there is a soft side to her and I look forward to learning more about her and her sisters story in future books.

I also really liked J.M.’s writing style and how it made me feel at times I was inside the book watching from the sidelines. The story flowed at just the right pace building tension along the way till the finale which was both satisfying and heart wrenching. It also sets up the story of what the next book in the series could be about.

So I think my question here is going to have a pretty obvious answer but here we go. Do I recommend this book? Absolutely! It is a chilling story that will make you feel many emotions and keep you on your toes reading well into the night. I look forward to many more books in this series.

Thank-you to NetGalley, Bookouture and J.M. Hewitt for allowing me to read an advanced copy The Night Caller, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Special thank-you to Noelle Holten from Bookouture for the spot on this blog tour.

Let’s get to know J.M. Hewitt

J.M. Hewitt writes crime fiction and is the author of two previous crime fiction novels and has been published in two short story publications. Her work usually incorporates twentieth and twenty-first century events and far flung locations, and her novels explore the darker side of human behaviour. In contrast to the sometimes dark content of her books, she lives in a seaside town in Suffolk with her dog, Marley. 

When she was ten years old she’d read all the books she owned, all those on her mother’s bookcase and everything the library had to offer. She decided the only course of action to take was to write her own stories. Thirty years later, she is still writing them.

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  1. A wonderful review hun, will definitely being reading this book on your recommendation now. X

    1. Yay. I hope you enjoy. X