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A fantastic cover reveal just in for J.M. Hewitt’s upcoming mystery thriller The Quiet Girls, which is the second instalment in the Detective Carrie Flynn series. This is due for release on the 13th of November published by Bookouture.

I absolutely loved the first book in this series The Night Caller, so I am ecstatic that we are getting a second book in the series this year.

Let’s see what J.M. has in store for us with The Quiet Girls.

About the Book

‘Hattie!’ Carrie called, an edge to her voice. ‘Hattie, this isn’t funny, come out now.’ Carrie moved forward through the woods on shaking legs. She tried calling, shouting, screaming, but everything was quiet. Her little sister was gone.

Detective Carrie Flynn’s sister Hattie was kidnapped when they were both just little girls, but the face of the man who took her is a blank in Carrie’s memory. After the police never found the culprit, Carrie swore she would become a detective.

Twenty years later, when eleven-year-old Melanie Wilson, a quiet girl who loves books, is reported missing, Carrie drowns in memories of her lost sister. Searching for Melanie, Carrie finds grainy black-and-white footage of the young girl with her parents at a harbour, boarding a boat and disappearing. Carrie realises they have headed for a deserted wasteland, the river island Pomona. What could make a family so desperate to escape their home?

Then the police receive a mysterious message from another young woman, calling from the same docks where Melanie vanished: I gave you his name, where to find him, but you did nothing. My blood is on your hands.

Carrie is sure Melanie and her family are in terrible danger. She knows what it’s like to have the authorities give up on you, and something in the voice sounds horribly familiar. It may have nothing to do with her lost little sister, but she will never ignore a plea for help.

To find Melanie, Carrie must unlock the memories she has buried for years – but will it be too late? Can Carrie use her own demons to bring Melanie home safely and finally get justice for her beloved sister?

The Quiet Girls is available to preorder now

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J.M. Hewitt

J.M. Hewitt writes crime fiction and is the author of two previous crime fiction novels and has been published in two short story publications. Her work usually incorporates twentieth and twenty-first century events and far flung locations, and her novels explore the darker side of human behaviour. In contrast to the sometimes dark content of her books, she lives in a seaside town in Suffolk with her dog, Marley. 

When she was ten years old she’d read all the books she owned, all those on her mother’s bookcase and everything the library had to offer. She decided the only course of action to take was to write her own stories. Thirty years later, she is still writing them.

To stay up to date on J.M. Hewitt’s work you can sign up to mailing list on her website and follow her on the social media accounts.

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