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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review on the blog tour for The Truth by Naomi Joy. This was released on the 5th of September published by Aria Fiction.

Book Details

The Truth by Naomi Joy
Release Date: 5th of September
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 308 pages
Genre: Thriller 
Publisher: Aria Fiction

Book Blurb

Perfect wife. Perfect life. Perfect crime. 

Anthony is not the man everyone believes him to be. And Emelia is not the woman he wants her to be. 

Theirs was a whirlwind romance, Anthony was the doting boyfriend, the charismatic and successful career man who swept her off her feet. But now Emelia is trapped in a marriage of dark secrets and obsession. She is no more than something Anthony wants to ‘fix’, one of his pet projects. 

Emelia has no escape from the life that Anthony insists on controlling, so she shares her story through the only means she can – her blog. Yet Anthony can never find out. Forced to hide behind a false name, Emelia knows the only way that Anthony will allow her to leave him, is death. 

Trapped with a man she knows is trying to kill her, Emelia is determined that someone will hear her story and Anthony will meet his ends. That everyone will discover the truth.

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If there is only one book that you should read this year, The Truth is definitely it! It is twisted, thrilling, compelling, completely addictive and mind blowing! I could not turn the pages on my kindle fast enough and was completely captivated right from the start. It was an all nighter for me as I had to know how this was going to end and what an ending it is! I still have it playing around in my head.

A piece of advice though, make sure your kindle is fully charged before reading this. I made the mistake of not checking and during a crucial part it died! I lost valuable seconds having to plug it in and wait till I could read from it again. I broke out in a sweat and had heart palpitations. It was really a terrible time for me….😜

Based on real events, Naomi has put together a dark and completely twisted tale where it is almost impossible to talk about the plot without divulging crucial storylines. The blurb gives enough details which completely sucked me in. I haven’t read anything like this before and at the same time ask myself what the hell have I just read! I love it when this happens, knowing I have read something that is so breathtakingly creative which will stay with me.

In a creative twist of using writing within writing, the story is told through blog posts. Once again I find myself struggling to find the words to describe this book’s style and story as it is such a tightly woven plot I’m worried that by pulling on a thread, will make it unravel and give it all away. But you are going to want to read this one yourself. Naomi expertly draws you into the story and builds tension throughout like no other.

I am so impressed with this book and Naomi. She has definitely exceeded all expectations for her second novel. She smashes this one right out of the park and I am excited to see with what she comes up with next. I have managed to incorporate The Truth into nearly every conversation I have with people since reading it, recommending it to all who will listen and I will keep shouting it from the rooftops that it is the must read psychological thriller of 2019. The Truth has deservedly been added to my top 5 books of the year!

Thank-you to NetGalley, Aria Fiction and Naomi Joy for allowing me to read an advanced copy of the Truth which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

The Truth Blog Tour

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Special thank-you to Vicky Joss from Aria Fiction for the spot on this blog tour.

About Naomi Joy

Naomi Joy is a pen name of a young PR professional who was formerly an account director at a prestigious PR firm in London.

Writing from experience, she draws the reader in to the darker side of the uptown and glamorous, presenting realism that is life or death, unreliable and thrilling to page-turn.

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  1. I loved this book too. Great review