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Today I am thrilled to be one of the bloggers kicking off the blog tour on its publication day for Good Little Liars by Sarah Clutton. Happy publication day Sarah!

Book Details

The Good Liars by Sarah Clutton
Release Date: 2nd of October
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 346 pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Bookouture

Book Blurb

Emma held the photo for a long moment before her eyes focused on the girl’s face. She dropped it and let out a muted cry. The girl in the photograph was Tessa.

Twenty-five years after losing her friend Tessa in a tragic accident, Emma’s life is happy and settled. She rarely thinks about the day that Tessa fell to her death, or the secret that she made Emma swear to keep just hours before. But when her marriage implodes, Emma and her daughter find themselves unexpectedly moving into the headmaster’s former cottage on the grounds of her old school – Denham House. And it’s here she finds the photograph: an explicit image of Tessa, looking directly at the camera.

Between catching up with old friends Marlee and Clementine, who are home for a reunion, and the demands of single parenthood, Emma has plenty to distract her… but she can’t shake the image of the photograph. Or the thought that it’s proof of something she had long suspected: Dr Brownley, now headmaster, was involved with Tessa. Was it a mistake to keep quiet about what she knew?

Marlee and Clementine have their own complex feelings about returning to their hometown. And when Emma starts to question what really happened to Tessa, each woman must deal with the consequences of decisions they made all those years ago. Because the more Emma digs into the past, the more she discovers that everyone remembers it differently, and that the innocent schoolgirls she thought she knew are hiding some very big secrets.

A page-turning novel about family drama, lies, and the secrets we keep to protect those we love. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, The Silent Wife and Kerry Lonsdale

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With her being an Australian author and being Australian myself, I was really excited to read Sarah’s book. Supporting authors from my home country is really important to me, so when I saw this one and read the blurb I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. What also drew me in was the cover of the book. It throws off an ominous vibe that is then effectively captured throughout. The story! I was completely hooked right from the start and had trouble tearing myself away from it. If you love a story that has mystery, secrets, betrayal and family drama then this is the book for you.

Sarah has created a tightly woven plot set in Hobart, Tasmania. Told from multiple points of view, the story revolves around central characters Emma, Marlee and Clementine, as they prepare for their 25th high school reunion. But with it brings back old memories of when friend Tessa tragically lost her life in their last year of high school. Secrets that have been buried for 25 years are about to be exposed when the mystery of what really happened to Tessa the day she died deepens, when Emma finds an explicit photograph of Tessa when she moves into now headmaster’s Dr Brownley former cottage. Always suspecting that there was more to their relationship when Dr Browlney was a teacher, Emma gets more than she bargains for when the truth is finally revealed.

There are a few characters featured that keep you on your toes as to where they all fit into the story and they all have been written perfectly in the role that they play. Although I did not find them all to be likeable, Sarah has done a great job in making them believable which is enough for me. To be able to feel the emotions of each one as the story goes deeper, further reinforces how well they have been brought to life. Told in the present to past format, we are given a great insight as to who each one was and how the events of the past have shaped them into the people that have become in the present,

I really enjoyed Sarah’s writing style. It is emotive, atmospheric, engaging and Sarah does a great job at building the suspense and tension along the way. For me it moved at the right pace and I loved knowing about the places that have been used. I read a lot of books set in the UK and the US which I love, but there is nothing like reading a book set in places that you know of. Although I have yet to visit Tasmania, through her writing Sarah made me feel that I was there watching from the sidelines as it all unfolded.

As a debut novel Sarah has nailed it! I was really impressed with this story and how it has been put together. Sarah is definitely one to watch out for and I look forward to many more books from her. The Good Liars is a highly enjoyable read that will have you reading well into the night racing through the pages ending with a satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend this book.

Thank-you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Sarah Clutton for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Good Liars which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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About Sarah Clutton

Sarah Clutton is an Australian author and former lawyer whose debut novel, Good Little Liars, mixes suspense and domestic drama with nuanced characters. Having majored in psychology in her original degree, Sarah is fascinated by people. How does the past shape us? Can we can learn empathy? What determines the outcomes when moral and legal boundaries collide?

Sarah’s work earned her the Dymocks/Fiona McIntosh Commercial Fiction Scholarship in 2018, a coveted national award run by one of Australia’s most successful commercial fiction authors and sponsored by Australia’s largest book chain. An alumna of the Australian Writers’ Centre novel writing course, and with a mostly-finished Master of Arts (Writing) that she has no interest in finishing because she prefers making stuff up.

Sarah lives with her family in the very pretty tourist town of Bowral, near Sydney. She has lived all over Australia, and if she didn’t live in Bowral, she would live in Hobart, the most beautiful city she knows.

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