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Today I am so thrilled to be taking part in the publication day party by sharing my review for Murder Untimely by Anita Waller. Happy publication day Anita!

Book Details

Murder Untimely by Anita Waller
Release Date: 14th of October
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 272 pages
Genre: Mystery 
Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Book Blurb

Kat and Mouse are back in the latest instalment of the bestselling Kat and Mouse Murder Mystery Series!

Early one morning, in the grounds of Chatsworth, a body is discovered by one of the estate groundsmen. DI Marsden and DS Granger battle through snow-covered roads to begin their investigation.

Meanwhile, at the Connection Investigation Agency, Doris, Kat and Mouse are busy juggling their caseloads, while trying to show their new trainee receptionist the ropes.

When the police learn that the body belongs to Nicola Armstrong, a resident of the nearby village of Baslow, it soon transpires that Nicola was the mother of a child who disappeared ten years prior to her murder.

Soon, the Connection investigators are brought in to help but when a second body is found at Chatsworth, the case takes a disturbing turn.

Can the police and the female sleuths get to the truth before more life is lost? Or is the fate of those involved already sealed?

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For their latest adventure, we see Kat, Mouse and Doris with the help of newly employed receptionist Luke, become embroiled in the latest murder, when the relative of the deceased enlists their help in finding the victims son and husband who vanished from their lives years prior. As in most cases, it doesn’t take the team long before their case becomes entangled in the police investigation and both work together to solve the crime.

In previous reviews I always have spoken about my love for Kat, Mouse and Doris and the amazing connection they have together. As this hasn’t changed, I am going to concentrate on Tessa, Hannah and Luke. I really enjoyed Tessa’s character this time round as the local DI and how she is open to the other ladies feedback and input without pulling rank. This time we see her in a different light as she experiences a new relationship which shows a more relaxed side to her which made her more personable. I really enjoyed seeing this side of her.

DS Hannah Granger had more of a role this time around when Tessa is sidelined after becoming ill and it was nice to get to read more with her character as she stepped up taking over the investigation. Luke was an absolute delight. I loved his character as he learned the ropes from “his ladies” but especially from Doris. I loved the connection they had with each other as she took him under her wing. All three of these characters as with the other players have all been brought to life beautifully throughout the pages.

I love Anita’s writing style. She excels in capturing the readers attention right from the opening sentence right through to the final one. It is fluid, engaging, humorous when required and is just effortless. Her descriptions of the characters and the towns are so well written you feel that you know these people and are part of the town. This would actually make a great TV series. Something to think about there Anita…..Murder Untimely is a highly enjoyable read and (just let me get my tissues) a great ending to this remarkable series. (Sniff!)

It’s a bitter sweet moment for me writing this review and one I really did not want to write as it just cements that there will be no more books in this wonderful series. I had hopes that there could be more, but when I read in the acknowledgements from Anita that she will miss Kat, Mouse and Doris it really hit home that this is really the last book. I was just not and am still not ready to say goodbye to Kat, Mouse and my favourite Doris. I still live in hope that Anita may be persuaded to write a couple more though in the future, but if this is the last I am very happy with how it has been wrapped up.

In saying that, after I got over the initial sadness that it was over and really thought about it, I changed my mindset from sadness to gratefulness that this series which was meant to be a trilogy, but changed into a quadrilogy due to its popularity, was even written and how fortunate and lucky I was to not only having the pleasure of reading these books but also being a character in one of them. I would not have even thought that would have been possible let alone to be a part of a series that I adore. I will be forever thankful to Anita for that and also for the amazing surprise of mentioning my character a couple of times in this last instalment which just made it even more special.

I also just want to say thank-you to you Anita for bringing this wonderful series and these amazing loveable characters into my life. It’s not often that a series gets under my skin as much as this series has. It has been a great ride over the four books but our journey of reader and author is not over (thank goodness) and I am very much looking forward to what you come up with next and I will be impatiently waiting for your next book. Xx

Thank-you to Heather Fitt for inviting me to join in the publication day celebrations for Murder Untimely and for the copy of the ebook which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

About Anita Waller

Anita was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and has lived all her life there. She has three adult children and seven grandchildren ranging in age from 9 months to 21 years. Anita and Dave have been married almost 49 years!

She wrote Beautiful in 1985 and had it accepted for publication. They were the contract stage when the publishing house went into liquidation.

Like many another book it ended up in the loft until two years ago when she resurrected it, retyped all 100,000 words (it was orginally written on an Amstrad 8256 and all she had was a hard copy!) and sent it off to Bloodhound Books.

She is now retired from my life of being a Patchwork Tutor and HGV driver’s wife and concentrates on patchwork for the pleasure of it and writing. She started writing at around the age of 8 – she clearly remembers writing ‘novels’ at that age which were actually short stories split into chapters!

Anita’s genre is murder – but murder with a good reason behind it!

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