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A fantastic cover reveal today for Amanda James’ upcoming psychological suspense Dark Deception published by Bloodhound Books.

Wow I am loving this cover! It’s us so chilling and haunting. Release date and preorder information are still to be advised but Bloodhound Books have Reveal what the book is about. Let’s see what Amanda has in store for us with Dark Deception.

Book Blurb

Kerensa and Leo are a happily married young couple who live in Cornwall. Leo works part time in London as an investment advisor to wealthy businessman, Paul Donaldson. The couple hope to start a family soon and life couldn’t be better. 

But Leo has been stealing from Paul and Paul isn’t the sort of man you steal from.  
When Leo realises that Paul knows what he’s done, he has no choice but to resort to drastic measures. 

Meanwhile, after discovering she is pregnant, Kerensa can’t wait for her husband to return home so she can share her news. But she soon discovers he’s gone missing. 

After receiving a threatening phone call from Paul, Kerensa realises how much trouble her family are in. 

Just how far is Paul prepared to go to get revenge? And will Kerensa ever be happy or safe again?

About Amanda James

Amanda James (aka Mandy) was born in Sheffield and now lives in Bristol with her husband and two cats. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, singing, and spending lots of time with her grandson.

She also admits to spending far too much time chatting on Twitter and Facebook! Amanda recently left her teaching role to follow her ambition to live her life doing what she most enjoys—writing.

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