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Today I am so thrilled to be sharing my review on its ebook publication day of Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza. Happy publication day Robert.

Book Details

Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza
Release Date: 1st of November
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 416 pages
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Sphere

Book Blurb

Kate Marshall was a promising young police detective when she caught the notorious Nine Elms serial killer. But her greatest victory suddenly became a nightmare.

Fifteen years after those catastrophic, career-ending events, a copycat killer has taken up the Nine Elms mantle, continuing the ghastly work of his idol.

Enlisting her brilliant research assistant, Tristan Harper, Kate draws on her prodigious and long-neglected skills as an investigator to catch a new monster. But there’s much more than her reputation on the line: Kate was the original killer’s intended fifth victim . . . and his successor means to finish the job.

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Nine Elms had me at Robert Bryndza! There are very few authors where I want to read their new book just on their name alone and without even seeing what the book is about. Robert is one of these authors for me. It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Robert’s work and I was so excited when I read that he was writing a brand new series. Nine Elms is one brilliant read that will keep you up reading well into the night, so make sure you have nothing else to do when you start this book as you will not be able to tear yourself away from it. You have been warned…

This is one dark and twisted read that is perfect for fans of the thriller genre. The first book in this new series, Nine Elms will have you hooked right from the start and it is one that is best not to give any more details on than the tease of the blurb. I will say that Robert doesn’t waste any time in kicking off the story. You know when you get in a car and the driver thinks you are all in and starts to take off with you leg still out, well this is what the start of this book felt like for me! I love that in a book and Robert excels in this technique in all the books I have read of his in this genre. He is the master!

Robert has done an amazing job with Kate’s character and just like Erika Foster, Kate kicks some major butt and packs a hell of a punch! She is strong but with a extremely vulnerable side, though not surprising with what she has been through and I absolutely loved her. Tristan is also a charming character that I enjoyed. Him and Kate work extremely well together and I look forward to reading more of him in future books. The Nine Elms serial killer is one of the most despicable characters that I have read, but has been written frightening well as the perfect villain and his methods are definitely what nightmares are made of! He still gives me chills when I think about this book.

Robert has a very easy writing style that just captivates and engages you. When I read a book of Robert’s I just clear my mind and let him take me on the journey without trying to guess what is to come and how it could all unfold. His words just flow so well and each chapter becomes more intense than the last. Robert is definitely a pro at building the tension throughout and on more than one occasion had me gasping out loud and my heart pounding.

If you have not read any of Robert’s books in the past you are definitely missing out! Nine Elms is the perfect one to start with which will then have you racing to buy all of his other books. With Nine Elms, I can not recommend this book highly enough and I think it is one of Robert’s best yet! I will be waiting very impatiently for the next book in this series. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read and review Nine Elms.

Thank-you to NetGalley, Sphere Books and Robert Bryndza for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Nine Elms which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

About Robert Bryndza

Handsome Devil!

Robert Bryndza is a crime writer and his books have sold 3 million copies, and they’ve been translated into 28 languages. He’s British and lives in Slovakia. In addition to writing crime fiction, he has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels.

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller THE GIRL IN THE ICE, which is the first in my Detective Erika Foster series, and to date, it has sold over one million copies. There are six books (so far) in the Erika Foster series, and they can be read as a series, and also work as stand-alone books, so can be read in any order:

The Girl in the Ice
The Night Stalker
Dark Water
Last Breath
Cold Blood
Deadly Secrets

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