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Today I am so thrilled to be sharing my review and one of the bloggers wrapping up the blog tour for The Lies We Hide by the amazing Susie Lynes. This was released on the 4th of December published by Bookouture.

Book Details

The Lies We Hide by S.E. Lynes
Release Date: 4th of December
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 346 pages
Genre: Literacy Fiction 
Publisher: Bookouture

Book Blurb

The truth can set you free, or make you a prisoner…

Thirty years ago, Nicola Watson lived with her parents and older brother in a respectable suburb. At ten years old, she didn’t yet understand why her stomach tightened when she heard her father’s heavy tread as he returned home late at night, or why it made her brother Graham’s stammer get worse, or why one night her mother Carol woke them both, wide-eyed and whispering, and took them out of their home and into the unknown.

Now a successful lawyer in the city, with a life poles apart from her dark beginnings, Nicola has returned home for her mother’s funeral. But as she stands in her mother’s house, remembering the woman who sacrificed everything for her children, Nicola has to confront the guilt that she feels for leaving her family behind. And the belief that she played a part in the events that led to her brother going to prison for murder.

All Carol wanted was to protect her children, but escaping her husband was only the beginning of the story. And when Nicola learns the truth of what her mother did, it will change everything she thought she knew about herself and her family.

A gripping, emotional story of family secrets, and the strength of a mother’s love in the darkest times. The next powerful read for fans of The Silent Wife, Kerry Lonsdale and Emily Bleeker.

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Known for her work in the psychological thriller genre, The Lies We Tell is new territory for Susie in the literacy fiction world and she definitely nails it! There are not too many books that get under my skin and stay with me long after I have finished them, but this book really got to me and will be forever engrained in my memory. I will always be shouting it from the rooftops that you need to read this book when I’m asked for a recommendation on what to read! However, *Warning* Make sure you have the tissues handy though when reading this as you will need them!

Susie has created a compelling and highly addictive story that took me hostage right from the start and completely blew me away. It is a story that involves domestic abuse (trigger warning) and its effects on not just only the victim, but how it also effects the children in the family and how it can shape them as adults. It is a compelling story that is also confronting but these moments are handled with sensitivity through beautiful writing. Although it is dark in parts, it is also a story about healing and love. Told from the perspective of the three main voices of Carol, Nicola and Richard, the story is told over the course of three different timeframes which I really enjoyed. I don’t want to say any more on the plot as I believe the blurb gives enough details and this is one best read without too much information on it.

All of the characters have been developed perfectly and written so well in the parts that they play and are brought to life beautifully. It goes without saying that the standout character for me is definitely Carol. At times, it was quite difficult to read her parts of the story and my heart just went out to her. The inner strength she is able to find and her determination in trying to provide a better life and safe environment away from the despicable human being that is her husband while still dealing with his abuse, just made me in awe of her and the women who deal with this everyday in the real world. My heart just breaks to know that this happens and that there so many women that aren’t as lucky as Carol is in being able to escape from her abuser.

Susie’s writing is absolutely flawless in this book. It is raw, engaging, fluid and highly emotive. I wasn’t joking when I said have the tissues ready. On a number of occasions throughout, I gave Kim Kardashian a run for her money in the ugly crying stakes, which just reinforces how beautifully written this book is and with Susie making you also feel a part of the story. Make sure you also read the acknowledgment at the end of this story where Susie explains how this story came about and how that experience impacted her. Although this is not a true story, I loved how Susie wrote this straight from the heart with compassion as for some readers this could really be their story.

Susie Lynes you are a bloody superstar and I absolutely adore your work and this book! You always raise the bar higher and higher with each book that you release and exceed all expectations every time. You truly are a gifted and insanely talented author. I love your psychological thrillers, but I do hope you will also write in this genre again and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read and review The Lies We Hide which I cannot recommend highly enough.

Thank-you to NetGalley, Bloodhound Books and Susie Lynes for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Lies We Hide which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Susie Lynes

Amazon best selling author of ‘intelligent and haunting’ psychological thrillers VALENTINA, MOTHER, THE PACT, THE PROPOSAL and THE WOMEN. 

S E Lynes is a writer, tutor and mentor. Formerly a BBC producer, she has lived in France, Spain, Scotland, Italy, and now lives in Greater London with her husband, three kids and her dog, Lola. 

Her critically acclaimed debut, VALENTINA, was published by Blackbird Digital Books in July 2016. Her second novel, MOTHER was published by Bookouture in 2017, followed in 2018 by THE PACT and THE PROPOSAL. In August 2018, VALENTINA was published in a new edition by Bookouture and THE WOMEN was released in 2019. Her new novel, the dark and gripping family drama, THE LIES WE HIDE, is published Dec 4th 2019.

Susie Lynes has also published two children’s books in Italy: Il Leopardo Lampo and La Coccodrilla Ingamba, both available at

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