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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review on Perfect Murder by Rebecca Bradley which was released on ebook on the 2nd of December.

Book Details

Perfect Murder by Rebecca Bradley
Release Date: 2nd of December
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 255 pages
Genre: Thriller 

Book Blurb

Could you commit the perfect murder?

Alice Friend thinks you can, and she’s going to prove it. But perfection is elusive, and the body count rises as she pursues her aim, changing MO with each kill. 

It should be easy. After all, Alice is perfectly suited for the task. As a crime writer she leads a solitary life and has little to get in her way. 

Until it does. 

Can she really kill and walk away, or will her actions have consequences closer to home than she could have imagined? Suddenly it looks like time may be running out for Alice…

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Every now and then a book comes to your attention randomly without you expecting it. Perfect Murder is that book for me. I was scrolling through a book group I am in on Facebook one night when I couldn’t sleep and a post by Rebecca caught my attention offering a free copy of her latest book. After reading the blurb, I just had to read this and I am so glad that I did. Perfect Murder is an absolute ripper and I could not get through it fast enough to see how it was all going to unfold!

What I found so intriguing about this, was the topic of the story. Can you get away with the committing the Perfect Murder? Now let me make it clear that I have never thought about this or would want to do it, but to read this book from a characters perspective of seeing if it can be done just for the sake of it, was so interesting and had me glued to the pages and reading this in one sitting. I was that hooked! For a person to never have had these thoughts to just one day decide they would try it was just fascinating to me and is unlike anything I have read before.

Alice is such an interesting character to me. As an author of crime novels who is used to writing about her characters committing murder, to then just deciding one day to see if it can be done without getting caught, just shook me to the core and had me thinking what type of killer is worse. One who is born with these killer instincts or the one who decides to do it on a whim just to see if they can! It wasn’t hard for me to come to the conclusion that the latter for me is the worst kind. What was hard though, was that I actually really liked Alice’s character..

I really enjoyed Rebecca’s style where the story just flowed and at a fast pace with short snappy chapters, each one building the tension along the way to the point where my heart was racing. With writing that is engaging and draws you into the story and with great characterisation, Perfect Murder ticked all the boxes for me and is one hell of a read!

Rebecca is a new author to me and one I am really glad to now have on my radar for future books. Perfect Murder is a compelling, thought provoking gem of a read that will keep you enthralled till the very last page. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review Perfect Murder which I highly recommend.

Thank-you to Rebecca Bradley for providing me with a copy of the ebook for Perfect Murder which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Let’s Get to Know Rebecca Bradley

Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective who lives in the UK with her family and her two cockapoo’s Alfie and Lola. They keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing of course. 

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