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Happy new year everyone! Today I am thrilled to be one of the bloggers kicking off the blog tour for The Good Mother by Cathryn Grant, which is a great book for my first review for 2020. This is released on the 5th of January published by Inkcubator Books.

Book Details

The Good Mother by Cathryn Grant
Release Date: 5th of January
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 333 pages
Genre: Domestic Thriller 

Book Blurb

Amy’s life is picture perfect. Mess with that picture – you’re going to pay.

Amy’s life is close to perfect – two lovely daughters, a wonderful husband and she’s queen bee in her circle of soccer moms. She feels content, like she’s finally put some distance between herself and the terrible events of long ago.

The only fly in the ointment is Charlotte, a recent arrival to this affluent suburban community. The shameless way she dresses, the way the men look at her… it’s not right, she’s just not the kind of person they want around here.

Amy spearheads a drive to exclude Charlotte, to make it clear to her that she’s not welcome here. Infuriatingly, Charlotte doesn’t seem to care… And when her daughter joins the soccer team there’s just no getting away from her.

But Amy knows from bitter experience the kind of trouble a woman like Charlotte can bring. And there is no way on earth that her girls are ever going to be exposed to anything like that. The solution is clear – Charlotte has to go. No matter what it takes.

A gripping domestic thriller for fans of Liane Moriarty, T. M. Logan, and Sally Hepworth.

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The Good Mother is an intense read that opens with a prologue that is every woman’s worst nightmare and sets the tone for the rest of the story. It is a chilling account of violence (trigger warning) and is an example of how such a brutal attack of violence not only effects the victim, but how it can also be very traumatising for those who happen to witness it, especially if it is a child. It is a story that is thought provoking, heartbreaking and it had me engrossed and captivated from start to finish.

Cathryn has crafted a plot straight out of pleasantville, where everything seems perfect for Amy. A handsome and devoted husband, two perfect daughters, a beautiful home and a best friend who adores and would do anything for her. But when Charlotte moves into their affluent suburb, she triggers memories from Amy’s past that she has tried so hard to leave behind and where her demons come back to haunt her as her perfect world starts to crumble around her. This is when Cathryn takes the story up a notch and it kicks in at full speed.

Cathryn has done such a great job with all the characters, but it goes without saying that Amy was the standout for me. Although her actions towards Charlotte are downright despicable, I could not help but feel empathy as well as sympathy towards her. She is such a complex character where terrible circumstances from her childhood have shaped her into the woman she has become. Multiple times I just wanted to shake her, but also hug and comfort her. I do like how Cathryn was able to make me feel these conflicting emotions rather than a straight down the line feeling of like or dislike for a character.

This is now the second book I have read from Cathryn and I really enjoy her style and how she is able to pull the reader into the worlds that she creates in her stories. For The Good Mother, there is a bit of everything to keep you enthralled. There is mystery, suspense, murder, catfights and mayhem! Cathryn also deals with the sensitive issues of rape and mental illness, which I thought she handled very respectfully, but also liked how she does not sugarcoat it in any way, which would not have been realistic if she had of done this.

All up The Good Mother is a very appealing story for those that love books from the domestic thriller genre. From the striking cover to the strong plot, great characterisation, a focus on real issues that are handled well, to then all be wrapped up in a thrilling conclusion that is all told through great writing, Cathryn has done a great job with this book. It was a pleasure to be able to read and review The Good Mother which I recommend and I look forward to reading many more books to come from Cathryn.

The Good Mother Blog Tour

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Lets Get to Know Cathryn

Cathryn’s fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines, The Shroud Quarterly Journal, and The Best of Every Day Fiction. Her story “I Was Young Once” received an honorable mention in the 2007 Zoetrope Fiction contest.

She’s the author of the Alexandra Mallory Psychological Suspense series, Psychological Thrillers, Suburban Noir novels, The Haunted Ship Trilogy, and the Madison Keith Ghost Story series.

When she’s not writing, Cathryn reads fiction, eavesdrops, and tries to play golf without hitting her ball into the sand or the water. She lives on the Central California coast with her husband and two cats. 

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Blog Tour Organiser

Thank-you to Emma from damppebbles blog tours for the spot on this blog tour and a copy of the ebook which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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