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Today I am so thrilled to be sharing my review as part of the publication day party for Trap Door by Dreda Say Mitchell published by Bloodhound Books. Happy publication day Dreda!

Book Details

Trap Door by Dreda Say Mitchell
Release Date: 11th of February
Format: Kindle Format
Print Length: 266 pages
Genre: Psychological Suspense
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
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Book Blurb

100 years ago young women were killed in this workplace. 

Is history about to repeat itself?

Rachel, a young woman in serious debt, needs to find a job fast before she’s made homeless. She gets a lucky break when she is offered a great position in a successful company. Then she discovers that the building was once a Victorian sweatshop with a tragic history. Is this why Rachel feels something increasingly sinister? 

Soon her new job becomes a living nightmare. Rachel desperately wants out, but she has no other way of escaping her debts. She’s trapped. Then she makes a shocking discovery.

Haunted by the death of others and as the present and past begin to close in, Rachel needs to find answers before she finds herself in grave danger… 

What is really going on in her workplace? 

And can she ever escape her inner demons?

I have heard so many good things about Dreda’s books, that when I was offered an advance copy of Trap Door to read, I jumped at the chance. I was immediately drawn to the plot of this story and couldn’t wait to dive in and get underway. When I did, I was hooked right from the get-go and had trouble tearing myself away from it. Dreda wastes no time in kicking things off, which she does in spectacular fashion, with a chilling prologue that sets up the rest of the story extremely well. It is addictive, scary in some parts, downright terrifying in others and had me holding my breath and breaking out in a sweat multiple times.

There are a few characters in the book and interestingly Dreda has only used one to be the main voice of the whole story. A risky move, as I have read some books where the author has not been able to pull this off, but Dreda has created Rachel with so much depth, that she is able to carry the story on her shoulders well and keeps the readers attention for the duration. The supporting characters are well written and developed and each one has there own set of complexities and secrets to hide, which adds to the drama of the story.

This is the first book I have read from Dreda and I really enjoyed the ease of her writing that just flowed, making this is a quick and enjoyable read. She definitely knows how to get and keep the reader’s attention and she did a great job in making me feel everything that Rachel went through. Being claustrophobic, there were times when I had to take myself away from it to get my heart rate back in control, where I would then jump back into it flicking the pages on my kindle furiously as Dreda kept on building up the tension and suspense, which then lead me to the thrilling and satisfying conclusion.

Trap Door is everything and more in what I love from a psychological suspense book and even though this is only the first book I have read from Dreda, she absolutely nails this genre. With an intriguing plot and great characterisation that is all captured through engaging and visual writing, Trap Door has it all and I am really looking forward to seeing what Dreda will come up with next. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read and review Trap Door which I highly recommend.

Thank-you to Heather Fitt from Bloodhound Books for inviting me to the publication day party and for providing me with a copy of the ebook of Trap Door which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Dreda Say Mitchell

Dreda Say Mitchell is an award-winning, bestselling crime writer, broadcaster, campaigner,and journalist. Since her sixth book she has been co-writing with Tony Mason. She is the author of eleven novels, with her debut awarded The CWA’s John Creasey Dagger.

She has been a frequent guest on television and radio including Question Time, BBC Breakfast, Newsnight, Victoria Derbyshire, The Stephen Nolan Show, Front Row and Woman’s Hour and numerous others. She has presented Radio 4’s Open Book.

Dreda was named one of Britain’s 50 Remarkable Women by Lady Geek in association with Nokia. She was the 2011 chair of the Harrogate Crime Fiction Festival. Dreda and Tony’s work is currently in development for TV. She was born and raised in the East End of London where she continuesto live.

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