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Today I am thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour for Jack Janson & The Storm Caller by Andrew Marsh.

Book Details

Jack Janson & The Storm Caller by Andrew Marsh
Release Date: 15th of September 2019
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 234 pages
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Andrew Marsh
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Book Blurb

Jack Janson is nearly fourteen, an only child living with his parents who hate him almost as much as they hate each other. The only good things about his life are the girl next door, Sarah-Jane Farmer, whom he adores, and his Granny Jean in Cornwall who he spends the summer holidays with.

His gran is cool but she has been hiding a HUGE secret. As her health fails, she decides to share the secret with Jack.

Gran leads Jack to a cave.

“Boom Tom tum” a loud voice echoes and a rock opens up to reveal a young giant called Winfred Storm Caller. Gran has been looking after the friendly giant since pirates killed his mother, but she now needs Jack to care for Winfred.

Sarah-Jane arrives to help and they uncover The Book Of Lore hidden in the cave.

What magic does it possess?

Have they found a way to get Winfred home to his own lands? Are Sarah-Jane and Jack brave enough to use the book to save Granny Jean’s life?

I very rarely leave my comfort zone of reading crime fiction, but when I was asked if I would like to review Jack Janson & the Storm Caller, I was intrigued by the story and thought why not. I have read a few young adult books in my time and since the days of Twilight and Harry Potter, apart from the Nevermoor series, I really haven’t seen a lot of newness around that is high in popularity as those series were and still are. Jack Janson & the Storm Caller has, in my opinion the potential to be the next big series that everyone will want to read.

What drew me to this story more than anything when I read the blurb, was the relationship that Jack had with his Granny Jean. Having lost my Nanna over a year ago now and who was also one of my best friends, you don’t see many stories nowadays where a teenager, let alone a teenage boy, is excited to spend his summer holidays with his Granny. It is really a refreshing change and added a level of sweetness to the story where we are now in a world, that for teenagers, revolves around their smartphones, social media, video games and being closed off from their families.

Andrew has created a great cast of characters that hold their own very well throughout the story. The character of Jack as the unlikely hero, is such a great loveable boy. I saw so much of myself in him back to when I was a teenager. I was also bullied at school and loved nothing more than escaping to and spending my school holidays with my Nanna. Although they weren’t spent with a friendly giant, they were some of the happiest moments of my life. I also really enjoyed the character of Sarah-Jane who compliments Jack really well. It also goes without saying that Winfred Storm Caller stole the show and I loved the development of the friendship between him and Jack.

I enjoyed Andrew’s writing. It is very engaging, which is so important to keep the attention of the younger reader, but in saying that, Andrew has put together a magical world that is appealing to draw the reader in. I was also pleased to see that Andrew will be releasing two more books in the series. To quote Andrew:

I am going to publish at least two more books in the Jack Janson series, book 2 Jack Janson and the Pirates of Nathir and book 3 Jack Janson and the Treasure of V’Laddek. These tell the tale of Jack’s adventures in Ishkarr, the land of the giants as the giants face great danger from enemies on the outside and within.

With an enthralling plot and great characterisation that ties in so well with enthusiastic writing that is woven throughout, Jack Janson & the Storm Caller is a really fun read to get lost into. Not just for the young ones, I enjoyed getting back in touch with my inner child and was really taken with this story. It was a pleasure to be able to read and review Jack Janson & the Storm Caller, which I highly recommend.

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The Jack Janson & The Storm Caller
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Let’s Get to Know Andrew Marsh

Author, speaker, story teller.

Andrew is a 55 year old former geologist from the construction industry who discovered a passion for writing inspired by things that happened at work, on sites, and in life generally.

With the winnings from his appearance on The Weakest Link in 2003, he self-published his first novel, The Long And Winding Road in 2004. 

In 2014 he self-published his second novel The Truth, an adult crime thriller which is still available in Amazon in both formats.

Since then he has written a fantasy trilogy, which is still being worked on and his current Young Adult WIP, the Jack Janson series.

Four years ago, Andrew was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which has brought great understanding to his life and this has also prompted him to write poetry on a number of topics, including his Asperger’s.

Andrew attends the Writers’ Summer School, Swanwick, has presented there on two occasions and also served on the committee.

Andrew also blogs about writing.

Stay up to date with Andrew’s work by signing up to the newsletter on his website and by following him on these social media accounts.

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Blog Tour Organiser

Thank-you to Heather from Overview Media for my spot on the Jack Janson & The Storm Caller blog tour and for the copy of the ebook which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

If you are an author looking to have a blog tour, I can not recommend Heather enough for you blog tour needs. You can get in touch with Heather by the following links.

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  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic review, Marnie, it has brought joy to my heart this stormy morning, Andrew.