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Today I am thrilled to be sharing my review on the blog tour for The Girl I Thought I Knew by Kelly Heard. This was released on the 23rd of March published by Bookouture.

Book Details

The Girl I Thought I Knew by Kelly Heard
Release Date: 23rd of March
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 299 pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Bookouture
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Book Blurb

Daisy grew up around secrets she knew by heart but were never spoken. She had no idea just how much damage secrets could do, but she would soon learn.

It’s a warm, cloudless morning on the day the envelope arrives for Daisy. Soft sunlight streams into the apartment she shares with her partner, Anderson, who is sleeping peacefully. Daisy’s fought hard for this happiness, worked her way up from being a vulnerable teenage runaway to a woman with a stable job and a loving boyfriend. 

But when Daisy discovers the handwritten wedding invitation from her childhood best friend, Stella, her bright morning turns suddenly dark. The wedding is back amongst the misty woods and rolling hills of Daisy’s North Carolina hometown. The same town where her heartbroken mother never spoke about her miscarriages and her distant father drank away what little money they had. The same town where she is still known as ‘the crazy one’ for telling people about the dead girl she saw that summer’s day in the woods. A girl who looked just like her, and whose body was never found. 

Daisy hasn’t been back home since her parents sent her away and now, the thought of returning fills her with dread. She doesn’t know if she can forgive Stella, the girl she once called ‘blood sister’, for turning her back on her when everyone else did. And why is Stella reaching out now, after fifteen years? 

There’s only one thing Daisy is sure of—if she wants to build a happy future, she’s going to have to finally confront the mysteries of her dark past.

The Girl I Thought I Knew is a spellbinding and moving novel for fans of Liane Moriarty, Kristin Hannah and Kerry Fisher.

The Girl I Thought I Knew is a breathtaking mysterious read that is full of secrets to uncover. For her second novel, Kelly has created an intriguing plot that had me hooked and enthralled right from the beginning. At times it was very hard to tear myself away from and I was completely immersed in all that Kelly brought to the story.

Told solely throughout from Daisy’s point of view, the narrative moves from the past and present seamlessly as Kelly gives the reader the background into why Daisy had to flee her hometown as she became an outcast and labelled ‘the crazy one’ as the blurb states “for telling people about the dead girl she saw that summer’s day in the woods. A girl who looked just like her, and whose body was never found”.

When she receives a wedding invitation from her childhood best friend Stella, the last thing she wants to do is return to her North Carolina hometown. Not knowing if she can forgive Stella for not standing by her when no one else did all those years ago, Daisy knows that if she wants a happy future she needs to return home and confront the mysteries of her past.

The characters in this story have all been created with depth and are very well developed. Daisy as the lead is the one that stands out the most. The sadness that flows off her, both breaks your heart and makes you angry with how she has been treated by those who are meant to love her. You just want to protect her and wrap your arms around her to shield her from any more unhappiness.

This is the first book I have read from Kelly and it will most definitely not be my last. I really enjoyed her style and how she was able to make me feel like I was there, entangled in the mystery. Kelly achieves this through beautifully descriptive prose that is just so effortless in its approach. I look forward to hopefully many more books to come from Kelly.

The Girl I Thought I Knew is a captivating read that will have you completely immersed as secrets are exposed in the lead up to the thrilling conclusion that I did not see coming. It is a story of loss, love and how past relationships can shape a person in the present. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review The Girl I Thought I Knew which I highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture and Kelly Heard for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Girl I Thought I Knew which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Kelly

Kelly Heard published poetry in literary magazines before signing her debut novel, Before You Go, with Bookouture. Kelly writes about nature, about families, about finding strength you didn’t know you had. Her characters are outsiders and empaths, weird kids from small towns. Similarly, she loves the outdoors, long drives, or quiet afternoons with a craft project and a glass of wine.

She prefers writing to most other pastimes, but you’ll occasionally find her in the garden, hiking, or exploring thrift shops (the spookier the better). She lives in Richmond, Virginia, but the Blue Ridge Mountains will always feel like home.

For more updates, follow Kelly on Twitter at @heardkj1, where she muses on writing, parenting, and where the two intersect. If you’d like to be kept up to date with Kelly’s latest releases, then sign up to her mailing list at Her second novel will be released in March 2020. Website:


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