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Today I am so thrilled to be sharing my review on its publication day for D For Deade by Keri Beevis published by Bloodhound Books. Happy publication day Keri.

Book Details

D For Dead by Keri Beevis
Release Date: 27th of April 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 432 pages
Genre: Crime Thriller
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
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Book Blurb

Murder is as easy as ABC…

When a teenager is found stabbed to death detectives Rebecca Angell and Jake Sullivan are called to the scene, and clues soon lead them to a crime novel which the killer has used as gruesome inspiration.

The author, Amy Gallaty, has a new book out, at first prompting Angell and Sullivan to question how far she is prepared to go in the name of promotion. But when Amy attracts the attentions of a stalker and then a second murder mirrors another of her plots, they realize they are up against a cruel and clever psychopath; one who may have a more personal agenda.

Working with the FBI, Angell and Sullivan find themselves in a race against the clock to unlock the secrets in Amy’s past before the killer can strike again.

Rebecca Angell is back in a darker tale that packs no punches, as she takes on a sadistic killer with a chilling agenda.

This book was previously published as Dead White

Keri has done it again! This is the third book of hers that I have reviewed this year and it is another 5-star read! Full of action, tension, suspense, with many twists and turns, D For Dead is a must-read for 2020. It is a nailbiting, edge of your seat thriller and as weird as this is to say given its darkness, I was disappointed when it ended as I was enjoying it so much. I really hope there will be many more books to come in this series.

What I love most about Keri’s work and what she excels in, is her prologue/opening chapter. You can always expect a cracker of an opening to her stories and D For Dead is no exception. Bloody hell what a way to start a book! I broke out in a sweat and my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest! You are going to need to buckle up for this one as Keri takes you on one hell of a ride!

Keri has reached into the darkest depths of her mind for this plot. A killer is reenacting murder scenes straight from the pages of author Amy Gallaty’s books and raised a question in me I would be curious to know and that is does every writer fear this when they are writing these types of stories? I couldn’t think of anything worse and how that would feel if that did happen. I haven’t read this in a story before and must admit, I did find it very intriguing, different and not of the norm which just makes this book stand out all the more for me.

It was good to catch up with Rebecca again and see how she has fared since the events in M For Murder. In D For Dead, set six years later, Rebecca is now a detective and she suits the role well. What I love the most about her, is she is a down to earth, eating a whole pizza to herself, beer-guzzling straight out of the bottle kind of gal all the while still stepping up and putting 110% into the job.

She is less stuffy than some other female detectives that I read, which makes her relatable. She is also the subject of one of the most embarrassing and cringeworthy situations which provides a lighthearted moment to a story that is so dark. I also really like Jake and I look forward to seeing how his ending in the book evolves in the next. All the other characters have been written very well and are very believable in their roles.

You can always count on Keri to give the reader everything and more out of her stories. Fresh and interesting plots, diverse and well-rounded characters, that she brings together through writing that is vivid, engaging and just downright perfect and I can’t get enough of her books! It was an absolute pleasure to be given the opportunity to read and review D For Dead which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Thank you to Bloodhound Books and Keri Beevis for allowing me to read an advanced copy of D For Dead which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Keri

Keri Beevis wrote her first novel at age twenty, but it was a further twenty years before she was published after winning a contract in the Rethink Press New Novels Competition 2012. 

Born in the village of Old Catton, less than a mile from where Anna Sewell was living when she wrote Black Beauty, Keri had a passion for reading and writing from a young age, though her tastes veered more to the macabre. 

Today she still lives in Norwich, along with her two naughty kitties, Ellie and Lola, and a plentiful supply of red wine (her writing fuel), where she writes a comedic lifestyle column for a local magazine. She loves Hitchcock movies, exploring creepy places, and gets extremely competitive in local pub quizzes. She is also a self-confessed klutz.

Keri joined the Bloodhound team in 2019 and her first release with them, the psychological thriller, Dying To Tell, which is set in her beautiful home county of Norfolk, has been her biggest success to date, with over 1200 four and five-star ratings on Goodreads.

She is now looking forward to the relaunch of her three earlier novels in 2020.

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