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Today I am so thrilled to be shining the spotlight on Crazy For You by Domhnall O’Donoghue. This was released on the 18th of April, published by Mercier Books.

So today I am sharing with you an extract from the book which I am really excited about. It is a great read and I will also be looking forward to sharing my review on the blog tour on Monday the 8th of June.


‘Let me take those dirty bin bags off ye, my love. The only place a woman of your beauty should be surrounded by such filth is in the bedroom!’

Clooney always felt a need to help others, and the evening of Isla’s fancy-dress party – a gathering that would change his life forever – was no exception. Kitted out like his childhood idol Madonna, he’d arrived at his best buddy’s house an hour early. As soon as he and his conical bra had crossed the threshold, the actor had begun playing a supporting role to the hostess, assisting with last-minute, tedious chores.

Cutting lemons.

Filling ice trays.

Plumping cushions.

Nothing that would burn any calories, granted, but help that had been appreciated by his jittery pal who could, in turn, focus on other aspects of her to-do list, like cooking food or preparing cocktails. Or simply releasing her frustration that the clock was against her by slamming presses and drawers – as she was currently doing.

‘Jesus, hold them from the bloody bottom, will ye?’ Isla, dressed as Catwoman, growled in her thick Navan accent after spotting Clooney dragging the two black bags across the spacious, ultra-modern kitchen floor and out to the bins in the back garden. ‘The last thing I want is leftover dinners scattered across me lovely Moroccan tiles.’

While Clooney was a good foot taller than Isla, this evening the hostess’ stressed state meant she dominated the room. He suspected her feline costume, which perfectly showcased her athletic physique, was also encouraging her to release her inner claws. On an average day, his pretty, blonde buddy was the personification of calm, cool and collected. This wasn’t one of those days. So Clooney didn’t dare tell Catwoman to cool her jets, fearful she might take the knife she was wielding to the Jean-Paul Gaultier-inspired costume that had cost him the best part of a week’s wage.

In addition to the golden corset and matching pointy bra, his ensemble consisted of fishnet stockings, a pair of ankle boots and a curly blonde wig. Determined to impress guests later that evening, he wanted his tribute to the Queen of Pop to remain free from attack. Instead, he suppressed a laugh, entertained by Isla’s out-of-character hysteria, and animatedly lifted the bags a good metre above the tiled surface. 

‘Thanks, babes!’ she eventually yelled out from behind him, clearly having taken a couple of breaths (and knowing that everyone’s threshold for abuse had limits). ‘What would I do without ye?’

Crazy For You is available to buy here.

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Let’s Get to Know Domhnall

Hailing from Navan in the royal county of Meath, Domhnall is a graduate of the Bachelor in Acting Studies Programme, Trinity College Dublin, later completing a Master’s in Screenwriting at Dún Laoghaire IADT.

He now works as an actor and a journalist, dividing his time between Galway, where he films TG4’s award-winning series, Ros na Rún, Dublin and Venice, where he and his Italian lover continuously promise their well-worn livers that they will refrain from quaffing so much Prosecco. (Unfortunately, it seems some vows, just like nearby Rome, were not built in a day.)

Wine-drinking aside, for more than four years, Domhnall has also enjoyed the responsibility of being Assistant Editor at Irish Tatler Man, a title whose various awards includes Consumer Magazine of the Year. Thanks to this role, he interviewed a host of high-profile names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Chris Pine, Kevin Spacey, David Gandy, and Jacques Villeneuve.

Domhnall has written for the majority of Ireland’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the Irish Independent, The Irish Times and RTE Online. He also writes a monthly column in Woman’s Way, the country’s biggest-selling weekly magazine.

His first novel, Sister Agatha: the World’s Oldest Serial Killer, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim (Tirgearr Publishing). His second book, Colin and the Concubine, was published earlier this year by Mercier Press, Ireland’s oldest publishing house. Book number three is called Crazy For You and will be published once again by Mercier Press in June 2020.

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