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Today I am so thrilled to be sharing my review on it’s publication day for The Perfect Life by Valerie Keogh, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Details

The Perfect Life by Valerie Keogh
Release Date: 24th of June 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 259 pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller Suspense
Publisher: Bloodhound Books
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Book Blurb

How far would you go to maintain the illusion of The Perfect Life?

Appearances can be deceptive…

Molly Chatwell has a beautiful house, a handsome husband, two children and a job she likes. It all seems so perfect but when her two children leave for university, she realises her life has become dull and empty. When her husband refuses to go away with her, Molly decides to go alone. 

But what should have been a relaxing break turns into a nightmare. 

Back at home in London, Molly tries to put it all behind her but when the police arrive at her door and tell her that a body has been found with connections to her, Molly realises that her perfect life is under threat… 

The Perfect Life is the fifth book I have reviewed of Valerie’s this year and it is another brilliant read! Each book I read from her out does the previous one and just when I thought her last book was my favourite, she has now swooped in with this fantastic story, which has now taken over that coveted spot!

The story follows Molly and her seemingly perfect life. But what she portrays to the outside world, has become vastly different on the inside and when her kids leave the nest, the bandaid that has been holding everything together is ripped off and the disconnect in her marriage to Jack becomes more evident. To try and get them back in sync, Molly suggests a trip away but when Jack declines, Molly decides to go on her own. Things take a turn when a chance meeting with a handsome stranger, soon becomes her worst nightmare where upon her return home, he is found dead making, her the prime suspect in his murder.

As with all of Valerie’s books, she really does such a great job with her characters and they are always so real and believable. In this case, Molly is definitely the standout. As the lead, she has been perfectly written and carries the story on her shoulders extremely well. Valerie really does put her through the ringer throughout but her strength and tenacity pulls her through.

As always, Valerie’s writing is on point and she is now an author that I read her books just based on her name alone without reading the blurb. I like going in blind and I just let Valerie pull me into these worlds that she creates which are always exciting, thrilling and exceed my expectations. With each book, Valerie sets the bar higher and she just smashes it each and every time. She is such an asset to writing community and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

The Perfect Life is an engrossing story that demands your attention right from the beginning and very quickly has you hooked for the duration. It is addictive, fast paced and has just the right amount of mystery, suspense, twist and turns to keep you enthralled and entertained without it being overdone. It really is the perfect book to lose yourself in. It was my absolute pleasure to read and review The Perfect Life which I highly recommend.

Thank you to the publicity team at Bloodhound Books and Valerie Keogh for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Perfect Life which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Valerie

Valerie Keogh was born in Dublin, qualified as a nurse and then studied English in University College Dublin gaining a BA in English and a Masters in American Literature.

She moved to the UK several years ago where she lives with her husband, Robert, and cat, Fatty Arbuckle. She enjoys writing both crime and psychological thrillers.

When she’s not writing, Valerie loves to travel.

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