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Today I am taking part in the cover reveal for Not The Deaths Imagined by Anne Pettigrew. This is released on the 1st of August published by Ringwood Publishing.

Before I get to the reveal, here is everything to know about the book.

Book Details

Not The Deaths Imagined by Anne Pettigrew
Release Date: 1st of August 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 362 pages
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Ringwood Publishing
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Book Blurb

In a leafy Glasgow suburb, Dr Beth Semple is busy juggling motherhood and full-time GP work in the 90s NHS. But her life becomes even more problematic when she notices some odd deaths in her neighbourhood. Though Beth believes the stories don’t add up, the authorities remain stubbornly unconvinced.

Soon, Beth’s professional reputation is challenged. There follows a chilling campaign of harassment and she finds her professional reputation – and family – are put at risk.

Is a charming local GP actually a serial killer? Can Beth piece together the jigsaw of perplexing fatalities and perhaps save lives? And as events accelerate towards a dramatic conclusion, will the police intervene in time?

From the author of Not the Life Imagined, this slow-burning tartan noir novel from a Bloody Scotland Crime Spotlight author follows Beth on another quest for justice. Reflecting Pettigrew’s own medical expertise, Not The Deaths Imagined re-affirms the benefits of growing up in a loving family and the need for friends in hard times, while offering insight into the twisted development of a psychopathic mind.

Ok, the time has come.
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Let’s Get to Know Anne

Glasgow-born, 31 years a Greenock GP, graduate of University of Glasgow (Medicine 1974) and Oxford (MSc Medical Anthropology 2004). Worked also in psychiatry, women’s health, and  journalism (Herald, Pulse, Doctor, Channel 4).

In retirement took Creative Writing tuition at Glasgow University aiming to pen novels about women doctors (rare in literature except as pathologists or in Mills & Boon). Runner-up in SAW Constable Award 2018, chosen as a 2019 Bloody Scotland Crime Spotlight Author – ‘one to watch.’

Member of several writers’ groups and a short story competition winner, she lives in Ayrshire and enjoys good books, good wine, and good company.

Stay up to date with Anne’s work by visiting her website and following her on these social media accounts.

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Cover Reveal Organiser

Thank-you to Emma from damppebbles blog tours for inviting me to join in unveiling the cover for Not The Deaths Imagined and for the promotional materials.

If you are an author looking to have a cover reveal, I can not recommend Emma enough for you needs. You can get in touch with Emma by the following links.

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