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Today I am thrilled to be one of the blogger’s wrapping up the blog tour and sharing my review for In My Wake by Ruth Harrow.

Book Details

In My Wake by Ruth Harrow
Release Date: 16th of July 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 290 pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller
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Book Blurb

Some secrets are best kept buried… Someone won’t let her forget…

Decades ago, the disturbing disappearance of an eleven-year-old girl shook the tiny village Hannah grew up in. Now Hannah receives the shock of her life when she is told her sister, April, has committed suicide. Distraught, she returns to her childhood home for the funeral.

But someone who refuses to forget the past has sickening shocks in store for the grieving family and soon latch onto Hannah instead, leaving her looking over her shoulder at every turn.

Now the nightmares aren’t only inside Hannah’s head

The close-knit community is rattled as devastating secrets and unspeakable truths are shaken up and it seems everyone has a secret to hide…

Hannah feels her grip on reality slipping as she starts to suspect even those closest to her – including her husband Will. April had uttered words of warning against him, but was it merely jealousy? Or does Hannah truly have something to fear from the father of her child?

Could the danger be closer to home than she realises? And why is Hannah’s own father insisting that the past should remain in the past?

In My Wake is an unputdownable psychological thriller about a woman forced to confront her devastating past. Fans of K.L. Slater, Shalini Boland, Laura Marshall and The Silent Patient will love the shocking twists and unexpected revelations.

Ruth kicks things off with a prologue that draws you in and  immediately captures your attention. Whilst it is a short in its page count, the emotions that it evoked within me was instantaneous and took my breath away. The desperation I felt from the character, really pulled at my heart strings and also had it racing with its inevitable outcome. It really does set the tone for the rest of the story.

In My Wake embarks on an emotional journey for main protagonist Hannah when she returns to the home town she left many years ago to attend the funeral of her sister April, who sadly has taken her own life. Her return brings with it memories of a mystery that rocked the community decades earlier, with the disappearance of an 11 year old girl who was never found. But when April’s obituary is tampered with, accusing her of having something to do with the little girls disappearance all those years ago, the question then becomes whether April really did take her own life or did someone take it from her.

The cast of characters that have been assembled were not at all likeable, but in saying that, they are believable and have been perfectly created for you to have these feelings towards them. With such a small town brings with it some colourful characters, that are caught up in each others business as years old buried secrets are brought back up to the surface. No one is a safe bet and I enjoyed how I was kept second guessing each of them as the story progresses.

This is the first book I have read from Ruth and I throughly enjoyed her style and storytelling. She is a very visual writer and I was really taken in with the beauty of her words. A small sample from the first two paragraphs in the prologue to give this some more context.

“I am disconnected. Detached from my sense of fear, from any sense of anything. I hardly even feel cold in the rushing breeze that lifts the hem of my thin dust jacket as I walk along the bridge. Black water churns below me. I can hear it gurgling and chattering, calling me close

Through this, I actually felt like it was me that was standing on the edge of that bridge.

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers that have an intriguing storyline, a cast of questionable characters, tension and suspense that is built up along the way as well as twists and turns aplenty that all leads to a ending that you won’t see coming, then In My Wake is the book for you. It was a pleasure to read and review this chilling tale which I recommend.

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Let’s Get to Know Ruth

Ruth Harrow was born and raised in London and graduated from the University of Kent before embarking on an unfulfilling career as an accountant.

She eventually put pen to paper and her debut psychological thriller, In Her Footsteps, was published in 2018 and quickly became a bestseller. Following the success of her first novel, her second book, You’re All Mine, was released in 2019. Her third psychological thriller, In My Wake will arrive on 16th July 2020.

She lives in Colchester with her husband, two children and chocolate Labrador, Rolo.

For more information and to get exclusive updates about future books please visit: and Twitter

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