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Today I am taking part in the blog tour and sharing an extract for Hallowed Falls by Jessica Yuen. This is due for release on the 18th of November, published by BookBaby.

How beautiful is this cover! I just love it so much. Hallowed Falls is the first instalment in a new series.

Before I get to the extract, here is everything you need to know about the book.

Book Details

Hallowed Falls by Jessica Yuen
Hallowed Falls Series Book 1
Release Date: 18th of November
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 331 pages
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: BabyBooks
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Book Blurb

Hazel Plumeria, a descendant of one of the most prominent fairy families in history, has never known life outside of Luna Valley. Her sister, Leah Plumeria, was also born a fairy, but decided to give up her wings and take the Enchantress elixir. The elixir transforms any magical being into a witch permanently. Hazel has always known that life in Luna Valley would never enough for Leah. Even Hazel has started to feel that way lately without really realizing it. 

Until one day, Leah asked Hazel to move to Hallowed Falls with her. Their mother, Fleur Plumeria had always told them stories about the historic town of Hallowed Falls, where the old Plumeria estate still stands. It was a magical place where all supernatural beings had originated from and once thrived.
As soon as they arrive at Hallowed Falls, they meet the new head housekeeper, Lucinda Griffin. They soon learn, there is more to Lucinda than meets the eye.

Shortly after their move, the body of a local fairy is discovered outside a cave near the town’s cemetery, suspicions arise that a century old vampire, Marco Alexander has returned and has a thirst for fairy blood. The sisters quickly learn that life in Hallowed Falls, which once was a safe haven for all magical beings, holds more than just an old family estate in a small town.

Leah slowly opened her eyes, becoming increasingly aware of the incessant knocking on her bedroom door. She let out a groan, then flung the comforter off her body and sat up. She ran her fingers through her straight, dark red hair and tucked her side-swept bangs behind her ear. The sunlight was beaming into her bedroom and she waited for her eyes to adjust before she walked over and opened the door.

“Morning, sis. Did I wake you?” asked Hazel as she stared at Leah with her roundish-almond shaped eyes.

“Yea, but it’s okay. What’s up?” asked Leah as she rubbed her eyes.

“Just checking to see if you wanted to head down to the garden together before breakfast,” said Hazel. Her wavy, unbound shoulder-length blonde hair swayed as she spoke.

Leah scratched her forehead and yawned.

“Yea, I’ll be ready in a bit.” said Leah as she turned and walked into her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror as she began to brush her teeth and noticed the dark circles underneath her green eyes. She’d been working quite a few overnight shifts the past week at the Luna Valley Medical Center.

When she was done brushing her teeth, she patted some concealer over the dark circles, then went into her closet. Hazel waited for Leah to get dressed and they headed downstairs together.

It was a cool and sunny spring morning in Luna Valley, Euphorya. A peaceful and prosperous state in the mid-western region of Charmesa. The April rain from the previous night drenched the garden at the Plumeria estate. Flame robins sung their sweet song as Leah and Hazel walked down the dirt path on the side of the house. The scent of wet grass and fragrant jasmines greeted them as they entered the garden.

Hazel headed for the camellias that seemed to have wilted a bit and examined them for a second before raising her left hand over the flowers. Her fairy wings shimmered as they slowly spread open under the sunlight and a bright golden glow formed under her palm. She had cast the Blossom charm. When the golden glow faded, the camellias looked fresh again. Hazel smiled and fluttered her wings with delight.

Hallowed Falls Book Tour

Let’s Get to Know Jessica Yuen

Born and raised in a tenement-style apartment on the quiet lower east side of New York City, Jessica Yuen enjoyed getting lost in the written words of her favourite authors.

As she grew older, she began to discover her love for putting pen to paper, creating the different worlds inspired by those very authors. Now, in her mid-thirties, Jessica has published the first book from her very own young adult fantasy series. A magical world brought to life, to those with imagination, the Hallowed Falls series.

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