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Today I am taking part in the book blitz for Deja Vu by Melody Saleh. This was released on the 29th of June 2020.

Book Details

Deja Vu by Melody Saleh
Unbroken Series Book 3
Release Date: 29th of June 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 360 pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction
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Book Blurb

Amber, South Florida’s rising star journalist, is desperate for answers as her best friends are admitted into the hospital, either fighting for their lives or those of their loved ones. The doctor comes into the Emergency Waiting Room. “I’m so sorry… this is never easy.” Is Debra’s baby okay? Why was Dominque’s napkin bright red? What caused all that blood in the park?

And now, her identical twin sister shows up—the one she wrote off years ago. She thinks she’s better than me; always has our entire life. Well, if she thinks she can throw me away like trash—think again, dear sister…I’m back and worse than ever.

Amber loves him very much, but he’s hurt her—one too many times. Is her heart safer with her Frenchman? Patrick has made mistakes, but she’s the reason he’s broken the promise he made to his dad so many years ago…she’s the one. But second chances come with a price.

After awakening from a fog, and unable to recall the previous two hours, Amber is arrested and handcuffed because she was the last one to see her attacker alive. Is this the result of a devious plan? Or, is she guilty of murder?

Let’s Get to Know Melody Saleh

After 35+ years in operations for various businesses (including her own), Melody pursued her dream of writing a novel. Having written for business publications, local magazines and even publishing a poem, Chemo’s not for Sissies, during treatment after her first cancer diagnosis, it was time to finish the novel that was started many years ago.

When she started  writing, “Facade: Things Aren’t Always as They Appear,” she had no idea where her characters were going to take her. “The story basically wrote itself. It was like a movie projector playing in my mind,” is how she describes her experience. It soon became apparent, their voices were not to be silenced… “The Unbroken Series” was born. “Deja Vu: Here We Go Again,” Book II, to be released June 23, 2020, followed by C’est la Vie, Book III, in December.

Melody lives with her husband in her native home state Florida. She’s blessed to be alive today after two cancer diagnoses and enjoys watching her grandchildren grow up; something she doesn’t take for granted.

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