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Today I am taking part in the blog tour and sharing an extract from Where is Tony Blunt? by Joseph Mitcham.

Book Details

Where is Tony Blunt by Joseph Mitcham
Book 2 in the Atrocities Series
Release Date: 12th of November 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 284 pages
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Self Published
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Book Blurb

Has the hornets’ nest been kicked too hard? Having taken down some of the most dangerous members of the UK Terror Watch List – Alex is persuaded to return to help track down the unrelenting Islamist terror organisation ‘the Interest Group’ – Tony Blunt is the only lead.

Where is Tony Blunt? The apparently radicalised former Paratrooper has gone to ground without a trace. Alex finds himself at the heart of the effort to find him. Working with a multi-agency force to track him down, can they find Blunt before he executes his masterpiece?

“If you’re so keen to go after terror suspects, then why were you seen in London talking to a group of them?” The big man asks. Then, slam – a huge over-hand right smashes Tony across the bridge of the nose. The blow delivered by the infamous man he knows from years ago. He falls backwards on the soft grass of the old church yard. The third man looks up and down the street outside of the brick wall perimeter to check for any approaching potential witnesses as Craig and John stand over Tony.

“What happened to you, Blunt? I thought you sorted yourself out?” the hawk-like thug asks. Tony doesn’t reply, he just eyeballs John with contempt, recycling the hatred that had built up over years of being treated like a nobody by him, and people like him. Tony once more finds himself powerless – bullied, dominated, vulnerable. He hates this feeling of a complete lack of control, of being at the mercy of others. He imagines himself being on the winning team; he visualises John on the floor, surrounded by him and his new friends, but Tony knows that he is fighting a losing battle on this occasion – where is my power? Why don’t I get to have power?

“Why are you here?” Craig asks, “Why are you interested in what we’re up to? Who are you reporting to?” Again, Tony says nothing. He thinks through what he has heard about their mission to steal the UK Terror Watch List – would I be on it? They know I met with my contacts in London, will they be targeting me? Are my new friends on their list?

“He’s just a fucking idiot, Craig. He doesn’t know anything, let’s just fuck him off.” says John.

Craig takes his time, giving Tony a long hard stare. “Whatever you know, or don’t know, you just forget it, okay?” Craig gives an uncharacteristic snarl as he goes on, “If we see or hear of you again, you’re a dead man. Do you understand?” Again, Tony remains silent, a mixture of contempt and feeling petrified.

John bends down to Tony, grabs him by the collar and hauls him to his feet. “WELL, FUCKING ANSWER. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?” John pushes Tony back on his heels and then yanks him forward again, straight onto his forehead. Tony’s nose explodes into a gushing mush of blood which oozes out over and into his long ginger beard. John follows in with crunching hooks to the ribs, finishing with a fully loaded uppercut to the jaw. Tony spins around with the force of the blow and slumps to the ground on all fours. “NOW DO AS THE MAN SAYS AND FUCK OFF.”

Tony has managed to stop the blood flowing from his nose but cannot stop the tears flowing from his eyes, or the involuntary sobs. His physical pain pales into insignificance next to the mental pain of being battered and rejected by a supposed ‘Airborne brother’. Regardless of their different aims and perspectives, despite John’s expected hate and lack of respect for him, it hurts Tony to be pitted against someone that he respects – admires even. All Tony had ever wanted was to be accepted by the team that he chose to join, and he now finds himself on the opposing side from it. He switches his thoughts to the love and warmth that he has felt from his new friends and acquaintances; he begins to feel a whole lot better. He has been welcomed, revered, and been made to feel like he belongs.

Sitting under a tree at a quiet edge of the Parkway green, he thinks back to the ten minutes that he had spent with Malala and her family, how he had been the centre of attention, how they had treated him, their kindness. He feels the same love flow from his new friends, never once insulted or disrespected, certainly never shouted at or rebuked.

His mobile phone buzzes in his inside jacket pocket. The incoming call is from a stored number listed as ‘K’. He answers without hesitation. “Salaam Murshid.”

Salaam, Brother, how are you, are you fine?

“I’m okay Brother, a little bruised but okay.” Tony considers how to break the news of his failure. “I am compromised, they knew of our meetings, Brother.”

I know, and you did well to hold your silence, you have done well, Brother, this was not your fault.

“You know, already?”

Yes, Brother, I had eyes on you.” Tony looks around him, wondering if he is being watched now. “You must forget this episode; you are no further use to this mission. Come to London; we will provide you with a place and security. You are safe now, Brother.

“Thank you.” Tony says with a deep sincerity.

Is there anything at your home that might provide any clues to your activities with us?

“No, Brother.”

Then do not return there, if you are compromised, others may come for you. Throw your phone in the nearest bin, then go directly to the train station and take the next train to London, you will be met there, my Brother.” The line goes dead. Tony feels buoyed and rejuvenated. He walks south towards Adderley Park, his tears replaced with a smile.

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Let’s Get to Know Joseph Mitchum

Joseph Mitcham served with the British military in elite and technical units for over 16 years. His service not only gave him a thorough tactical and technical understanding of some of techniques and processes employed in his first novel, it also provided him with the opportunity to develop himself, earning a first class honours degree in business leadership by the end of his service.

His debut novel, The Watch List, was published in 2019. The inspiration for writing ‘The Watch List’ was taken from personal experiences from the roles that he has served in and characteristics from some of the people that he has served with. Joseph has written an incredible, yet compellingly credible story that plays out in our world as he sees it today.

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