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Today I am taking part in the books on tour and sharing my review for Unfaithful by Natalie Barelli. This was released on the 27th of November, published by Bookouture.

Book Details

Unfaithful by Natalie Barelli
Release Date: 27th of November 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 302 pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Bookouture
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Book Blurb

“Thank you,” I say sweetly when she tells me I’m lucky to have such a beautiful family. But I want to tell her it’s not just luck. A family is like a fortress you have to defend all the time. You can’t relax because there’s always someone looking for a breach, always someone trying to get in. Someone just like her

When I arrive unannounced at my husband’s studio in need of a shoulder to cry on after hearing that my best student, Alex, has died, I see a pair of wine glasses drying by the sink and my deepest fear is confirmed: my husband is having an affair.

Most women would fall to their knees in tears and throw him out of the house–but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I go home and cook a healthy dinner for our children, walk the dog and unload the dishwasher without complaint. I will make him see that I’m still the woman he married; attractive, successful, the glue that holds our perfect family together. I need this marriage to work to protect a terrible secret of my own, something that would destroy everything I’ve already sacrificed so much for.

But when the police arrive at my door asking questions about Alex’s death that I can’t answer, and threatening text messages start appearing on my phone, I know that someone close has been watching me very carefully.

The truth is, there are three people in my marriage, but only one of them is deadly…

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a twist that will knock you sideways, perfect for anyone left hungry for more after The Girl on the TrainThe Wife Between Us or The Other Wife.

There are three people in this marriage…and one of them is deadly…
Wow! What a way to grab a reader’s attention! This immediately caught mine and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and get caught up in its web of secrets, lies and deceit!

Anna Sanchez has it all. A handsome husband, two beautiful children and is a well respected mathematician teaching at a prestigious university. But when her grad student commits suicide and she goes to seek comfort from her husband, what she discovers and the events that unfold thereafter, has her seemingly perfect world, come crashing down around her.

The characters are all well developed and are a diverse bunch. Anna is a complex character and as the story progresses,, so does her unreliability as the narrator. Not without empathy, I was so conflicted as to how I felt about her and Natalie Barelli does a great job at messing with the readers head in regards to her motives. Is she the victim or the culprit?

A twisty psychological thriller, Unfaithful will keep you on your toes and second guess each and every character. While it does move a slower pace in patches, the story still maintains your interest and does have some edge of your seat moments. It has been well plotted, written and with a satisfying twist, makes this an entertaining read

Thank you to Natalie Barelli, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Unfaithful, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Natalie Barelli

Natalie Barelli can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Natalie loves cooking, enjoys riding her Vespa around town and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in Australia, with her family.

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