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Today I am taking part in the books on tour for The Silent House by Laura Elliot. This was released on the 1st of December, published by Bookouture.

Book Details

The Silent House by Laura Elliot
Release Date: 1st of December 2020
Format: Kindle
Print Length: 365 pages
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Bookouture
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Book Blurb

In the small hours of a cold winter morning, charcoal grey clouds gather in the sky over Hyland Hall where a young teenage girl is about to make an emergency call to say her life is in danger …

With her marriage in pieces and desperate to find work and a new home for her and daughters, Isobel and Julie, Sophy accepts a job as a live-in nurse for Jack Hyland.

Once a magnificent house, Hyland Hall has fallen into disrepair and its owner, Jack, disfigured in a terrible fire that broke out on the property years ago, is now a recluse.

As Sophy’s daughters struggle to adjust to their new surroundings, exploring every forbidden corner of the house, Sophy does her best to care for Jack and her broken family.

But Jack has secrets of his own and Sophy’s arrival is about to set in motion a chain of events that will uncover the devastating truth of Hyland Hall’s past. A truth that will put her daughters in harm’s way.

An intense and emotionally engrossing read that will keep you compulsively turning the pages late into the night. If you read one book this year, make it The Silent House.

Previously titled: The Tinderbox 

The Silent House is the first book I have read from Laura Elliot and it has been such a great introduction to her work. It is absorbing, gripping, dark, highly addictive and will just take you over and consume you. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but is worth giving it a go.

Laura Elliot has crafted a tale that drew me in immediately. A tale that is both complex and simple at the same time. Each character is driven by their own motivations, some to unearth the truth and others to keep it buried. Welcome to Hyland Hall…

The story is broken up into three parts and although it does moves at a slightly slower pace, it works. Laura Elliot does a great job of setting up an uneasy atmosphere throughout, while having the tension and suspense slowly bubbling away in the background.

The characters have been perfectly created and just shine through the pages. Each brings the story to life in their own way and it was easy to connect with them. They invoke all different types of emotions within you and each have also been very well developed and written. 

The Silent House, is a beautifully written, atmospheric tale that had me torn between trying to savour each word, and racing through to see how it was going to all unfold. The latter won out and I finished reading it in one sitting. I was just so captivated and caught up its spell, I couldn’t let go until I got to that last page..

Laura Elliot really impressed me with this book and I will be on the lookout for more of her work. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers that are crossed with gothic horror, then this is the book for you. It was a pleasure to read The Silent House, which I highly recommend.

Thank you to Laura Elliot, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Silent House, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily

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The Silent House Books on Tour

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Let’s Get to Know Laura Elliot

Laura Elliot is an Irish novelist who writes psychological thrillers and lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her novels are: The Thorn Girl, The Wife Before Me, Guilty, Sleep Sister, The Betrayal, Fragile Lies, Stolen Child and The Prodigal Sister. Her latest novel, The Silent House is due for release in December 2020. AKA June Considine, she had written twelve books for children and young adults. She has worked as a journalist and magazine editor.

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  1. Dear Marnie,
    What can I say? You wonderful review of The Silent House has completely bowled me over. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my book and gave such an insightful analysis of the story. Beginning another book is always a daunting process but reviews like yours act as the engine that drives me towards my laptop every morning. Thank you so much.
    Warmest regards,
    Laura Elliot

  2. You’re very welcome Laura. So pleased you liked my review.